Handwoven products

Tea towels, table linen, napkins, scarfs, curtains and tailor-made fabrics or re-productions: Get inspired, the world of handwoven products offers a great variety of possibilities and craftmanship!

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masterly handwoven products from weaving studio KLEE in Amsterdam
handwoven in stock products

personal memories

masterly customised handwoven fabric by using left oversy fabric, NDSM, weaving studio
personal (woven) memories

custom-made fabrics

masterly hand made and handwoven fabrics from worshop KLEE in Amsterdam
custom-made fabrics

fabric library

have a look at the fabric archive of weaving studio KLEE in Amsterdamaftsmanship, masterly woven, custom made fabric, NDSM, handwoven fabric, weaving studio
fabric library

Have a look at the photos for inspirations and get in touch if you have any questions.