Exclusive materials for unique and handwoven fabrics

For me, the weaving pleasure starts with the choice of the yarn – depending on the final product, linen, cotton, wool, silk or mixed fibres may be the perfect choice. Because of the declining and almost disappearing textile industry in Europe, the search for high-quality materials is always a challenge – especially for re-producing (historic) fabrics. However, being well-connected to different manufacturers across Europe, I am always able to ensure the best quality for my products. For my own collection I am mostly using organic and recycled yarns in combination with leftovers from industrial production. If necessary, I am also able to order and supervise individually processed yarns including spinning and dyeing.

weaving studio is known for his rich stock yarns as cotton, linen, wool or silk
different colours cotton
at weaving studio you can choose from wide ranche of linen yarn
linen yarn
have a look at winding a warp at the weaving studio KLEE
black and...
at weaving studio KLEE we use different systems of warping
white warp. The black one is form (recycled) cotton and the white ond form linen.